Funny? Not!

There are only two things I’ve asked Cait to refrain from. Permanent piercings and tattoos. So when Cait shared this exchange on Friday, my stomach sank. If you didn’t catch it, look more closely at her nose.

nose ring

She let me stew for 3 hours before she called April Fools!

Funny? Not!

Okay. Maybe just a little. : ) That was a good one.

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The Wanderlust Gene

Cait has four long-distance trips (including a semester abroad) in the offing. Even so, I  just got this text from her. A not so subtle hint expressing perennially itchy feet–that I completely understand…

It cracks me up just how not far this apple has fallen from the tree. : )

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Compliment from God

Just another ordinary text exchange between me and Cait…


All joking aside, and even though this kid is probably born-again, that was a pretty great thing for one human being to say to another. Would that we might all take the time to recognize the good in each other and comment on it…

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Truer Words Were Never Spoken

We’re in the countdown hours until Cait leaves for college. I’ve been trying to hold onto every moment.

Apparently, I haven’t been too subtle about it.  While stopping at our favorite ice cream place as part of our end-of-summer rite, I was yet again asking my daughter where she was off to next and when she would be returning home.

She looked at me with a wistful smile and said, “Mom, you’re never going to be able to store up enough to fill the void, no matter how much time we spend together…”

Somebody just shoot me now please.

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