Are Bark Collars Safe and Humane?

You have a barking dog that just won’t stop. You’re at your wit’s end and you’ll try anything. Or you’re looking for a quick no-training method. Are bark collars the safe and humane solution?

Nuf said about that.

Instead, take a couple of minutes and try this method to get your dog to stop barking. Works like a charm. If you don’t want to wind up with a neurotic dog, there are no shortcuts.

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Australian Shepherd-Siberian Husky Mix–What Are You In For?

I’ve lived with and loved both of these breeds. So is getting a mix of these two breeds in one package — either by accident or by designer dog– a good idea? As one of my favorite dog trainers says, “It depends.”

My first thought is how much do you love vacuuming?

My next thought is how much do you love running, and training, and running, and training…?

And my final thought is how much money do you have to put up and maintain a 9 ft fence around your property, with at least 2 of those feet buried in the ground to keep this Houdini escape artist contained? Not even joking a little […]

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5 Best Toys for Australian Shepherds

Aussies and Australian Shepherd puppies are very high energy dogs, which means they need a lot of stimulation to help keep them out of trouble. Here is my list of top 5 toys that will help tire them out, while ensuring their health and happiness (and your sanity).

1. YOU. That’s right. If you’re not prepared to devote yourself to your Aussie in the same way that she will devote herself to you, then you’re not ready for an Aussie. If you think I’m joking, please ask anyone who does Aussie Rescue work what is the #1 reason for relinquishment. Let me spare you the suspense–an owner who isn’t prepared for the high level of attachment and energy.

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Got Wisdom Teeth Surgery? Get These Foods

So I’m guessing you can tell from the title of this post that Cait had her wisdom teeth out recently. Yep. All four. Nope. Not gonna show any videos or pics–though she was very funny.

And trying to feed this fussy eater–even when she has all her marbles and can chew–is always an adventure.

So what’s a mother to do when her child doesn’t like eggs, or Jello, or pudding, or pretty much any of the “typical” soft foods I could think of….

Mashed potatoes, baby food, orzo pasta with butter or cheese sauce, Naked smoothie drinks, yogurt, soup. That’s about all I could get down her. Until I found these 2 […]

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Bird Songs – How Many Could You Identify?

My long-time readers are probably almost as familiar with the road I daily walk on as I am. These two decades started with Kiera 1 and Lilly, and continued with Kiera 2. She has been gone 4 years now, but I have kept walking, I guess as much out of habit as anything.

Lately,  I’ve used the walk as a kind of meditation to help clear my mind of work pressures. One of the easiest ways to push away work thoughts is to just listen. Listen to the wind. Listen to the insects. And really listen to the birds.

As I was listening, I tried to figure out how many bird songs I could identify.  And […]

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