How to Tell if the Moon is Waxing or Waning

Here’s a simple way to tell if the moon is growing toward full or waning toward new.

Just remember that “C” is the 3rd letter of the alphabet which is lower (smaller) than “D,” the 4th letter of the alphabet, which is higher (bigger). So when the curve of the moon makes a “C,” it’s waning. And when the curve makes a “D,” it’s waxing.

C = #3 (less than #4)- Waning – loosing light toward New Moon

D = #4 (greater than #3)- Waxing – growing in light toward Full Moon

Because you should know.

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Autumn Light

Autumn Sky

This is my favorite time of year. There is something about the kaleidoscope of colors mixed with the ephemeral light that quickens my spirit.

And the pond is one of my favorite views on our property. It’s been a kind of touchstone for our family, in part, because we’ve gazed upon it — and the parade of animals that visit it daily — for more than two decades.

I took this shot because it was the play of light that captivated me. I could imagine a 19th century water-colorist laying down the last strokes before folding up his easel and naming his painting “Autumn Light.” All it needs to complete the pastoral scene […]

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“Thought you’d appreciate these words”

It never ceases to lift me up when I come across random acts of kindness — to have it reaffirmed that there are still a lot of good people who care out in the world. Particularly in these days of nonstop crazy and disturbing news. So I wanted to share a simple, concrete example.

Cait has many professors who have gone above and beyond the call of duty; who value building relationships with and really take the time to get to know their students outside of the classroom.

Cait emailed me an exchange with one of her professors that’s a perfect example of this. But first, a little background. Like most young adults her age, Cait still has no certainty about what […]

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Read this Article and Then Disable Your Location Tracking

spyHaving to work with technology for a living, I am at the point where I find enough of it so disturbing that I’m about ready to throw out my computer and buy a flip phone.

Read this article to get a quick hit of how easy it is for companies to misuse and downright abuse your information.

Even This Data Guru Is Creeped Out By What Anonymous Location Data Reveals About Us

Using code and the web, a data scientist follows two unnamed people and learns just how much our anonymous location data can say about who we are.

How to Disable Location Tracking

Android Users: To disable location tracking on an Android device, go to Settings. […]

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