We got Graidy through a BC rescue outfit, so we don’t know his birthday. But they thought he was around 10 months when we got him, which would put him at around 14 years old now. He’s still going strong.

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How to Cure Post Election PTSD

I don’t know about you, but I’m still reeling from the most distasteful and disturbing election cycle ever. And I’m deeply concerned for the bitterly divisive direction the whole world is taking. As though the Other who does not share our views is not just expressing a different view, but is painted to be Evil and All That’s Wrong With the World. This leaves no room for the opportunity for discussion, compassion, or understanding–never mind zero opportunity for real problem solving. It is madness and we need to figure out how to heal this profound rift.

So while my mind works on what I can personally do to start making this shift, I will leave you with my usual go-to when […]

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Need Something to Smile About After All This Election Madness?

Golden Era characters are a swinging to ‘Uptown Funk’ in this incredible mashup. It took Michael Binder hours of work to find the perfect clips that conveyed energy and passion. He scanned through hundreds of movies from 1953 and earlier to create this mind-blowing masterpiece.

Featuring Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, and Fred Astaire among other legends.

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American Humane Hero Dog Awards – Tomorrow Night

Recognizing ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things

Tomorrow night, 8pm (Eastern), Hallmark Channel

Don’t know about you, but I sure could use something uplifting and life-affirming.  As if we need any further validation that our dogs often make our day in every way. : )

Visit the American Humane website for additional info.

Dog Heros

From the American Humane website: The American Humane Hero Dog Awards™ are an annual, nationwide competition that searches out and recognizes America’s Hero Dogs – often ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things, whether it’s saving lives on the battlefield, lending sight or hearing to a human companion, or simply […]

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Empathy Is Needed Now More Than Ever

To say we are living in bazaar and difficult times is just a fact. Hand wringing and hurtling back anger and insults isn’t going to get us anywhere. We need to think about what we can do to change it. And change starts with understanding the difference between empathy and sympathy.

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