How to Fix Google Chrome Problem with Second Screen Mouse Pointer Offset and Addons Issues

Google Chrome has some hinky issues with handling 2nd screen monitors and addon issues with mouse clicks not lining up. There are also issues with extension icons not working for multiple monitor setup.

You’ll read recommendations about disabling the hardware accelerator. Before you go there. Try this solution.

From your Start Menu, select “This PC” and then follow the rest of these instructions.

Instructions for fixing Chrome mouse issues

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Wishing You Happy Holidays

From our family to yours — wishing all the happiness the holidays may bring.

King Charles Cavalier wearing santa hat

*No animals were harmed in the making of this photo. : )

While Wink doesn’t seem like he looks very happy, he’s really just impatiently eying the treat being held for him off-camera and would like to be released as soon as possible to nab it.

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Net Neutrality Vote December 14 – Tomorrow. Make Your Voice Heard!

Act Now! Save the Internet as We Know It!

Comcast, Verizon and AT&T want to end net neutrality so they can control what we see and do online. They want to gut FCC rules, and then pass bad legislation that allows extra fees, throttling and censorship. But Congress can put a stop to all of this.

This week, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on the future of net neutrality. Whether you’ve been following the political back and forth, skimming the headlines, or struggling to decode acronyms, the decision will have an impact on what we can do online (and who can afford to do it). Because the internet has effectively been free and open […]

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How to Safely Greet a Fearful or Anxious Dog

I have a lovely neighbor down the road who just got a 2-yo Dachshund from Rescue. It’s her first dog since she’s been a child and she couldn’t be more excited or in love with this lucky dog. And… she’s a little out of practice on how she needs to be introducing her new family member to strangers. Especially, since this dog is prone to fear aggression.

So when we met on the road and she asked me to say hello to Pixie, it gave me the opening to ask if she’d mind if I helped her work with Pixie.  She was very appreciative of the offer, adding that most of the neighbors didn’t want to take the time to help […]

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Time to Stop Living Like There’s No Tomorrow

This is not a political blog. And I’m not one to try to shove my views down others’ throats. Unless it’s about positive dog training and responsible dog ownership. Then–guilty as charged.

But how can anyone look at where our country is headed and not see this?


Road with section washed out

Don’t know about you, but I sure am tired of the BS coming out of Washington that’s trying to  pass as, “Really, us blowing up health care and giving tax breaks to the super rich is good for you. Just trust us. And, of course, absolutely everything else anyone says to the contrary is fake news.”

Yeah, because 24 million people losing health care […]

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