It’s That Time of Year

Time to pick the last of the fruit…

raspberries   blackberry   concord grapes

and plant the garlic for next year.

garlic bulbs plant garlic bulbs  straw

It’s these rhythms of the seasons that continue to give me balance amid the rest of the world’s craziness.

If I ever have to give up gardening, I think it won’t be long before they’ll be carting me off to the nearest funny farm.

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Hate Having to Hit the IOS 10 Home Button Twice? Here’s the Fix

openDon’t you wish that sometimes companies would just leave well enough alone? I mean, Apple–really…? Don’t even get me started on why you never thought it would be useful to have a Backspace button.

BECAUSE ONLY HAVING A DELETE BUTTON IS  BEYOND @%#$! IRRITATING!!! But that’s a conversation for another day.

Today, let’s just talk about whoever thought it was a good idea to have to hit the home key twice to access the home screen. The lock screen is total crap. You cannot enter the menu without pressing the home key twice. Nor can you enter the menu with the power/lock key alone.  So, please, just… just friggin’ fire the person who thought […]

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If Only People Paid As Much Attention As Dogs

australian shepherd paying attentionAdmit it. You can’t even move toward your shoes without your dog(s) knowing that you are going out. And whether those shoes are hard-soled or sneakers tell them whether they’re going to get to go with you.

That’s because our dogs really pay attention. They notice every little action we take. Every little facial expression. Every little sigh or laugh. Every little everything. They. Pay. Attention.

And they know exactly what that action, expression, sound means.

I cannot move an inch in my own home without my dogs knowing exactly whether I’m about to leave for a work meeting, or get something to eat, or take them outside, going upstairs to go to […]

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And Then There Were None

I have a dog friend who lives in another part of the country. We try to talk by phone at least once a year.

And how does one get a “dog friend,” you might be thinking.

Back when I first started experiencing dog aggression problems between Kiera and Molly, many years ago now, I researched, joined dog training lists, and read prolifically. In the course of one of my online travels, I met Heidi. She was a PhD Psychologist turned professional Dog and Service Dog Trainer. And she was an immense help to me.

We became friends and stayed in touch over the years. When I first “met” her, she lived with eight dogs and one cat.

Last night, when we talked, I learned […]

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Living with Multiple Dogs–Is There a Right Number? Benefits & Drawbacks

If having one dog is good, is having two better, and ten even better?

I have quite a few friends who have several dogs. One brave (insane) friend has eleven! If you were to ask them, they’ve answer with a hearty, “Yes!”

And there’s actually a pretty simple test to help you determine if you might fare well in that camp. Take a good look at the following picture. Does it make you smile or gulp hard? Okay, you’ve got your answer.

dog pack

So is there a magic number?

As one of my favorite dog trainers, Suzanne Clothier, says, “It depends…”

…Mainly on how much time, knowledge and resources you have.

I’ll spend the rest of the post breaking […]

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