This morning, Graidy was annoying Kiera, as he often does — he’s a playful goofball and she’s always on the job — so she took matters into her own hands. She pawed open the sliding glass door, and Graidy dashed out to see if there was anything fun outside to bark at. (He’s also easily amused). Okay, maybe that’s not so unusual, since I’ve previously told you that Kiera can open nearly every door in this house. But then she closed the door behind him. I kid you not.

Kiera stood by the door and turned to me with a smile on her face and a wiggle in her butt, happy to be relieved of her pest. But Wink (my Cavalier)… Wink without Graidy is like the sky without the sun — sad, sad, sad. He yipped and yipped his consternation and despair. And then… And then… He scratched furiously at the door until he was able to crack it open to let Graidy in. I kid you not.

So my happy boy came waltzing back in, and took a couple of laps out of the water bowl while Wink busily licked Graidy’s face, relieved to be reunited. But then Graidy looked up to see the Great Blue Heron swoop in and land at our pond. He went apoplectic with excitement, racing back and forth by the door. And then… And then… He pawed open the door. And all three dogs bolted off after the Heron. I kid you not.

By this time, what else could I say but, “What? Do you guys think you live in a barn? Close the door after yourselves!”