The temp is a whopping 20 degrees outside, but I’m thinkin’ Spring.  Yes, it’s that time of year already — time to order seeds for this year’s garden!

Regular readers know that I’m big on annual garden experiments. An experiment that I didn’t chronicle last season was trying seeds from a variety of catalogs.

Since I save most of my seeds, I only grow from organic open-pollinated seeds. That immediately limits my selection.

I chose seeds from:

Fedco: They have the most extensive list and greatest quantity of seeds available (good for the serious gardener and small farmer).  Since they’re in Maine, most of their seeds do well from Zone 5 up.

Seeds of Change: They offer a nice selection of organic seeds in quantities that make sense for the backyard gardener.

Good Seed Company:  They offer open pollinated, heirloom & homestead seeds. Their seeds are especially adapted for northern gardens.

Territorial Seed: While they’re not exclusively organic, they do offer a nice organic selection.

For my Upstate NY garden, the winner is…

Seeds of Change isn’t the cheapest, nor do they offer the widest selection, but I have nearly 100% seed germination with their seeds. And they seem to fare the best in being both disease and pest resistant.

Fedco wins hands down for the most informative, fun, educational, and interesting catalog.  It’s worth getting their catalog just for reading material.

What’s your favorite seed catalog?