I thought I was immune, but I guess I’m not anymore… For the first time in decades, I’ve got Poison Ivy. I got it pulling some vines off my trees. My hands are a blistered mess, which makes typing interesting. In others words, this’ll be a short post. Just a quick refresher for those who might have forgotten what Poison Ivy looks like.

poison_ivy.jpg This is what’s left of the vine that I foolishly grabbed with my bare hands.

Poison Ivy is most easily recognized by its compound leaves consisting of three pointed leaflets (thus the rhyme leaves of three, let them be). The middle leaflet has a much longer stalk than the two side ones. The leaf edges can be smooth or toothed. The leaves are reddish when they first come out in the spring, turn green during the summer with the mature stems covered with hairy rootlets, and turn various shades of yellow, orange or red in the fall.

As I bemoaned my stupidity and my itchy hands with Cait in earshot, she quickly put it into perspective.

“It could be worse, Mom. You could have it on your butt.”

I stopped complaining immediately.