If I were King, There Would be Silence.

I would order up an hour of silence every day. All human-generated noise would cease. All cars and planes would stop. Bass booming radios thumping out of car windows would go silent. Construction of any kind would momentarily end. TVs, computers, radios, and all electronic equipment would be turned off. And all humans would go stand outside in nature and rediscover what they’ve been missing.

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Best Part

Cait and I have a longstanding bedtime tradition. She snuggles in, I sit next to her, and we talk about the day. We always start with Best Part, Worst Part, and Don’t Tell. Best Part is for talking about the best part of our day. Likewise for Worst Part. Cait came up with the Don’t Tell some years back when she’d desperately wanted to tell me a secret. It has morphed into sharing with each other anything about our day that the other one would find surprising, or wouldn’t otherwise know about. (This category has been a godsend for helping me keep a pulse on how Cait is doing, and on what, if anything, is bothering her.) Other categories have […]