I always find it interesting how life events cluster together.  Perhaps you’ve heard of this phenomenon known as “The Law of Threes.”

My little cluster at the moment has to do with healthcare. Within a few months of each other, my family doctor, dentist, and vet have retired. I’ve yet to find people to replace them. That’s because essentially they’re irreplaceable. They all came from the old school where they were human beings first and medical practitioners second. If any of us really needed to get in to see them, I knew that I’d be able to get an appointment that same day — and that they’d treat my family and animals as whole beings, not as body parts or diseases.

As I continue my search to find doctors that my family and animals will feel comfortable with, I wonder if I will be able to find care remotely close to what we had. It seems people like that are a dying breed.

So imagine my surprise when I watched my mother’s vet walk over to her unbidden to give her a fatherly hug while she stood crying in his office. He’d just given her the news that he thought the tumor he’d surgically removed from her 8-year-old German Shepherd was malignant.

Even though, all things considered, the news was relatively good — the cancer was still in a very early stage and he’d gotten it all — he seemed to know that what my mother needed most in that moment was compassionate arms around her telling her that everything would be okay.

I tell you, it did my heart good to know that people like that still exist. And it reaffirmed that I should hold out until I find them.

Since I’m in the market for tips — if you guys are happy with your dr.s and vets, how did you find them?