To Break Scape or Not to Break Scape?

That is the question no more.

When I first started growing garlic, I’d read that breaking the scapes (the flower stalks) off the garlic plants soon after they appeared would allow the bulbs to grow bigger (and so I’d always broken the scapes). Made sense, logically speaking; the energy that would be used to grow the scapes would then be forced down into the bulb. I wanted to test this logic for myself to see just how big a difference there’d be.

Garden Experiment 2007:

Break scapes off one bed of garlic and leave scapes on another bed. Evaluate size and weight differential.

The garlic on the left is from the bed with scapes left on. The garlic on the right is from the bed with scapes broken off.

garlic bulbs

Rather conclusive, wouldn’t you say?

No loss though. The scape bulblets (having a milder garlic taste) can be used just like the garlic cloves.